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|Steph Oeser

How to Print with Waterproof Synthetic Paper

REVLAR Printer Settings 9 times out of 10, when folks are initially learning about waterproof synthetic paper, they have three main questions:

  1. "What's it made of?"
  2. "How do you print on it?"
  3. "What is it used for?"

You can find the answers to the first and third questions here and here. We're going to address the second question in this blog post!

Step 1 - Check your printer

It's easy to print on waterproof paper if you have the correct printer! Our REVLAR waterproof synthetic paper can be printed on dry toner laser printers, offset printers or flexo printers. The key is making sure that your printer is equipped to run the product’s gsm and melting point.

HOLD UP! What do those mean?

  • Grams per square meter (gsm) measures the density or how heavy a paper is.

  • Melting point is the temperature at which the paper will begin experiencing chemical reactions and breaking down.

All printers have maximum thresholds for these factors. We recommend that you pull out your printer's manual to check those maximums. Compare those numbers to the table on this document to narrow down your options to the REVLAR paper type that might work best for you.

Don't stress about this! If you're unsure, our product specialists are always happy to help. They can look up your printer's numbers and make sure that you get the right product for your printer.

Step 2 - Try before you buy

Like all synthetic substrates, you will need to adjust your print settings in order to ensure optimum runnability with REVLAR. Each printer is different, so we recommend that you do some test printing to see which settings give you the best results. Connect with one of our representatives to request some blank test samples so you can try it out!

Step 3 - Adjust your settings

When you go to print your file, make sure to change the media/paper type to match the gsm of the REVLAR product you have.

Please note: different media settings change the temperature and speed of the printer. For example, using a glossy paper setting causes the machine to run the fuser at a higher temperature than a plain paper. Also, the lower you set the gsm, the faster the paper will run through the machine.

In general, if your printer has a synthetic paper setting, that’s the one to use. If it doesn't have a synthetic paper setting, we recommend playing around a little. Test out different options and see what works! If possible, try to choose settings that maintain:

  • Lower fuser temperature

  • Slower run

  • Straight path through the printer

Step 4 - Pro tips for best results

Once you find the best printer settings to run REVLAR through your machine, make sure to keep the following tips in mind for happy printing!

  • Allow the paper to acclimate to the printer’s room for 24 hours prior to printing

  • Fan sheets on all edges before loading into the feed drawer in order to reduce static

  • Any unused paper should be stored in its original box

Check out our printer settings guide if you'd like to dive deeper into finishing options, troubleshooting and disposal for REVLAR paper.

By printing your projects on waterproof paper yourself, you can enjoy the perks of printing as many (or as few) sheets as you need!

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