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Improving Restaurant Kitchen Efficiency with Waterproof Paper

improving kitchen efficiency with waterproof paper In any busy restaurant kitchen, maximizing speed of service and plate presentation quality is the most important goal. There needs to be consistency throughout the meal prep process. From preparing salads and desserts, to crafting each entree to the chef’s specifications, all of the details matter. Before each plate makes its debut on your guest’s table, even the minor finishing touches, like garnish placement, should be uniform.

Consistency is key

Every operation runs more effectively when a process is standardized and employees are correctly trained for consistency. In a kitchen environment, prep cooks, pastry chefs, sous chefs, line cooks and anyone responsible for handling food needs to know how each dish should be prepared and presented, as well as the opening and closing procedures for each shift.

Use job aids

After in-person training and job shadowing, the best way to ensure employee training programs are effective and followed is to provide reliable tools that will make standards stick. Those tools are often printed reminders that are posted or stored in the kitchen.

Examples include:

  • Training Manuals

  • Recipe Cards / Recipe Sheets

  • Food Prep Sheets

  • Storage Signage

  • Safe Food Handling Posters

  • Refrigeration Temperature Guides - to be placed outside and inside of walk-ins and other coolers

  • Thermostat Setting Guidelines - for grills, ovens, fryers and other equipment

These printed items will need to endure in an intense environment. Think of the splashes, heat fluctuations and heavy handling they’ll experience in a kitchen. These tools are only as good as the material they're printed on. If they don't last, your employees cannot guarantee consistency and efficiency, and you will spend precious time printing and replacing, printing and replacing…. You get the idea.

How to protect printed pieces

To preserve printed materials, many restaurants turn to lamination. But lamination is not a perfect solution.. It is a time-consuming hassle that doesn't work very well. So in addition to taking time to produce, it will eventually will peel apart with frequent handling and exposure to moisture - a waste of time and resources.

Try something new

We recommend cutting out the middle-man instead of trying to make standard paper into something it's not. Synthetic waterproof paper is designed to withstand water, grease, chemicals, temperature fluctuations and heavy handling. The durability is already built into the material, it doesn't have to be added. Plus, you can print it on your desktop laser printer… Did we mention that it’s also less expensive than lamination?

REVLAR waterproof paper can be easily cleaned, so you don't need to worry about splatters or food residue. Simply wipe it down with a wet cloth or dunk it in water! REVLAR can be cut, punched or bound, so your guides and recipe cards can be fully customizable! Print them yourself and make them whatever size you prefer: small enough to fit in a back pocket or large enough to fill a binder.

By enabling you to print job aids just once, synthetic waterproof paper streamlines the employee training process. Once all staff is on the same page, everything will run more efficiently in your busy kitchen, which helps you to achieve your restaurant’s overall goal: maximizing speed without compromising on the quality of your meals.

Give it a try! Click here or on the button below to request free waterproof paper samples.


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