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|Steph Oeser

Introducing Sustainable Water-Resistant Paper

Have you heard about our new durable paper? We’re excited to announce that we are now carrying Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper! This water-resistant paper is designed to withstand the toughest wet conditions, all while being a fully recyclable, wood-based renewable paper.

Delivering on our promises

In 2022, we publicly shared our goal to add sustainable alternatives to the REVLAR product line by 2030. We’re thrilled that Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper will be our first new product to fit into that category. This durable paper is sustainably sourced through providers certified by the prestigious Forestry Stewardship Council (FSC). Because it is wood-based, Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper can be recycled just like a standard piece of paper.

A partnership to rely on

According to RELYCO’s CEO, Bruce Steinberg, “We have long admired Rite in the Rain’s commitment to the environment, and their business as a whole. We love that their paper is made in the United States. It was the first company we thought of when we decided to seek out sustainable products to add to our durable paper portfolio. We’re really excited about this partnership, and to introduce our customers to this weather-resistant option.”

Rite in the Rain CEO, Karl Mejia added, “Rite in the Rain was founded over 100 years ago in the rugged Pacific Northwest with a mission to enable work and play in the toughest conditions. As we looked to build upon our success with the US Military and consumer retail channels, RELYCO’s vision for sustainability coupled with its market leadership in several industrial sectors made them the ideal partner. We are excited to work with RELYCO’s talented team to offer new solutions for their customer’s business challenges.”

About the paper

This weatherproof paper repels water, sweat, grease and mud, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of applications, such as forms, charts, signage and more. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper feels like standard paper because it is! This wood-based paper has a special coating that gives it its water-resistant properties.

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper is compatible with laser printers and copiers, so you can easily produce high-quality documents and copies with no static. It is writable when wet or dry, and what’s printed on it won’t wash off. Request samples of the paper here.

How does Rite in the Rain All-Weather Paper stack up against our other durable papers? Easily compare them side by side.

One step in an ongoing journey

Bringing on this new product fits directly into RELYCO’s stated vision: “to stand out as a trusted partner for our customers, employees and community, while reducing our environmental impact on the planet.” Like individuals, there is always room for companies to learn, grow and improve. Stay tuned as we continue on our journey to B Corp!

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