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Get to Know Relyco - Michael Batchelder, Client Services Representative

Michael Batchelder

Michael Batchelder has worked at Relyco for almost eight years. When asked to describe Michael, his co-workers mentioned that he's their go-to person for tech questions because Michael has often already worked out a shortcut to solve whatever their problem is. Michael calls himself "overly-organized" because he likes to do things efficiently, with as few steps as possible.

When asked to describe Michael, his co-workers immediately noted his sarcasm and dry sense of humor, which is peppered throughout this interview. Nobody else gave a funny response to the question about their commute to work, that's for sure!  

What’s your favorite season? I'm a fan of fall.

How long is your commute to work? It's about 35 minutes, uphill both ways.

Where did you grow up? Central Maine.

Do you drink coffee or tea in the morning? Flavored coffee. I can't do the real stuff, it's just too much.

What’s your favorite smell? I love the smell of vanilla.

Who was the last person you texted? My best friend in Texas.

Do you have a favorite pen? I kind of do. I have to write in blue, it's nothing against the other colors, but I just have to write in blue. And it needs to be the medium point, I don't do ultra-fine or anything. It just flows better to me.

Describe your happy place. I'm a homebody, so any day that I can just curl up in a chair with my Kindle is nice for me.

If you could talk to your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give? Be brave, step outside your comfort zone because it took me awhile to get there. As a teenager, I cared way too much about what everyone thought.

Where is/was your favorite place to visit while traveling? I'm not much of a traveler. But I try to go home to visit my parents several times a year and it grounds me.

What’s your favorite song to dance to? Not really a favorite song. But I'm definitely one of those insane people you see behind the wheel singing and the head's bobbing.

If you could hang out with someone (living or deceased) for the day, who would you pick? I love me some Dolly Parton. Everything I see her on, I just think, she would have to be a hoot to hang out with!  

To contact Michael, send him an email at To contact Relyco, give us a call at 800-777-7359. You can also click here or on the button below.


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