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One Surefire Way to Ensure Compliance With Hazardous Materials Labeling Guidelines

Hazardous Materials Labeling Compliance Is your business bound by provisions of Title 49 that specify exact guidelines for the labeling of hazardous materials?

To protect recipients and mail carriers, companies who manufacture and/or transport hazardous materials in any form of packaging (including bulk and non-bulk, portable tanks, multi-unit tank car tanks and over packs) are required by law to specify exactly what needs to be on each label, how it will look, what colors will be used, and even the sizes of the type face.

For many manufacturers, adherence to these provisions can be a real challenge.

Guidelines for Hazardous Materials Labeling

Below are just a few of the guidelines to which manufacturing and shipping companies must adhere when labeling their packages for transportation and delivery. A full list of label specifications can be found in §172.407 of Title 49.

Match Specific Colors

Inks used in the labeling must match specific Pantone Matching System colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Pass Fadeometer Test

Black and any color ink on a label must be able to withstand, without substantial change, a 72-hour fadeometer test. Fadeometers (also known as a weatherometers) measure the degree that an ink sample will fade when exposed to light.

Withstand 30 Day Exposure to Elements

Each label, whether printed on or affixed to a package, must be able to withstand (without deterioration or substantial change in color) at least a 30-day exposure to the elements. Yikes!

But the degree of control you have over these factors is directly attributable to the qualities of the substrate on which you print your labels. That means that, with the right products on hand, you can ensure your hazardous materials labels are always compliant with Title 49.

Choose REVLAR Marine and Laboratory Labels

Certified by the British Maritime Standard 5609:1986 Sections 2 and 3 our REVLAR Marine and Laboratory solutions are an excellent choice for hazardous material labels.

Transporters and shippers of chemicals and other hazardous materials by air, highway, rail or water can trust REVLAR Marine and Laboratory labels not to fail due to chemical and/or salt water exposure.

In fact, we subjected signs and labels printed on the REVLAR to artificial weathering. Then we tested for abrasion resistance, adhesion and durability of print--including fading, color changes and symbol identification.

Not only did REVLAR Marine and Laboratory labels stand up to all of our weathering tests, it also easily adheres to drums, pails, tote containers and other packaging sufficiently enough to withstand both repeated wash downs and total seawater emersion.

Print Your Own Waterproof Labels

The REVLAR Marine substrate is optimized for dry toner print applications and can be produced on most dry toner and thermal print processes, mono and color, on equipment ranging from small and mid-volume to production machines.

Want to try them out for yourself? Contact one of our product specialists to request samples today!

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