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How Print Service Providers Can Stand Out With Synthetic & Specialty Media

specialty media print shops In today’s competitive market, a successful Print Service Provider (PSP) must be able to do much more than “put ink on paper.” PSP’s must be able to provide a comprehensive service to their clients, and meet all of their printed communication needs.

So given the growing number of “quick print shops” that spring up on every corner, how does an outstanding PSP differentiate itself from the competition?

Who's Your Ideal Customer?

First, let’s take a look at who might be an “ideal” customer for a PSP. Design firms, advertising agencies, and marketing professionals specialize in understanding the vision of the client, and developing print campaigns that communicate a message and prompt the prospect to learn more about the product or service.

Fast Turn Around + Low Volume

They too, are in a competitive market so it’s important their printed material stand out among all the other messages the prospect is seeing. These customer types need a fast turn time, but generally speaking don’t need large quantities, so a commercial printer that is printing high volume offset pieces is not right for them.

How Do You Support Synthetic and Specialty Media?

The successful print service provider will typically have one or more digital print engines, which are capable of utilizing a variety of specialty paper, anything from a synthetic media for a durable, long lasting printed piece, to an ID card/letter for membership or store value marketing.

Today’s digital print engines, combined with diverse printing materials are a game changer for the PSP because it takes their business beyond the borders of traditional printing. Using something other than “plain paper” increases opportunity in their existing customers and attracts new prospects, and the relative low per click cost of the digital engine keeps the cost down, and the profit up!

Can Your Supplier Support Your Low-Volume Needs?

Here are Relyco, we understand that the PSP is looking for a low volume, competitively priced media that will successfully run on their digital engines. We partner with all the major OEM printer manufacturers who have tested and approved our products. That gives the PSP the confidence that they can find the specialty media needed, and that it is supported by Relyco and the OEM.

Interested, but need to know a little more? Our knowledgeable printing experts can provide you with a sample kit that will give you printed examples of products like durable papers, brightly colored synthetics, dimensional die cut sheets and much more!

Contact Relyco today, and learn how PSP’s are breaking into new and exciting revenue generating markets, with synthetic and specialty media.

Specialty Media Sample Kit Print Shops

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