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Pressure Seal Cost Savings: Calculating the ROI on Self-Mailers

Pressure Seal Cost Savings Justifying the expense of the initial investment is usually the most difficult obstacle to overcome when making the decision to convert to pressure seal forms or pressure seal checks.

Pressure Seal Cost Savings

Whether your forms are currently being hand-processed or are processed automatically with a folder-inserter, pressure seal forms and pressure sealing machines clearly offer a more efficient processing method—handling up to ten times more pieces per hour than folder-inserters and as much as 60 times more per hour than can be processed by hand.

Yet, while pressure seal self-mailer processing is proven to be less time consuming than hand processing or using a folder-inserter, how much time and money will it really save your organization?

This information helps demonstrate that pressure seal—in spite of an initial investment*—will pay significant dividends over time, and usually in the very first year!

Pressure Seal Self-Mailer Advantages

  • Reduced processing time
    • Reduced materials cost

      No envelopes
    • No water
    • No glue
    • No heat
  • Improved efficiency

    No hand folding
    • No hand stuffing of envelopes
    • No hand sealing of envelopes

Calculate Your Potential Pressure Seal ROI


    Click here to try RELYCO’s interactive cost-saving analysis.

    You provide an estimate of the number of forms you process each month, and we’ll provide data about the time and money you can save over five years with a pressure seal solution and with a folder/inserter solution.

    To Learn More

    To learn more about pressure-seal cost savings from RELYCO, call 800.777.7359 or email

    *The initial investment can be eliminated by leasing.

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