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Get to Know Relyco - Rob DuMond, Senior Government Sales Representative

Rob DuMond, Senior Government Sales Representative

Rob has worked at Relyco for eight years. He serves as a Senior Government Sales Representative, which means that he primarily works with government and military accounts, though not exclusively.

He has a pretty low-key personality. Rob is friendly, but to-the-point in most of his interactions, which is probably due to his own military background in the Air Force. So whenever he busts out a sly comment on a group email chain or shows up on Halloween dressed in an outrageous costume, we all live for it.

Rob likes to chat sports with his cubicle mates and he's affectionately known around the office as a "cake monster." He loves it when our office celebrates anything with a cake. He is always first in line for his slice!

According to his cubicle neighbors, Rob sings a lot. Apparently, he'll sing anything from heavy metal to rap and random 80's jams. Rob also knows a lot of random movie quotes and likes to throw them out in conversation to see who picks up on them. We don't think he slipped any into this interview, but maybe he did!

What’s your favorite season? Definitely summer.

Where did you grow up? Oakland, Maine.

What’s your favorite smell? It's gonna sound really strange, but I like the smell of hockey locker rooms. [he laughs] I've been around them for so long that it feels comfortable when I smell that smell.

What do you listen to in the car? Uh wow, as my cube-mates will tell you, I listen to a wide range of stuff. I have classical, sometimes I'll tune up Marilyn Manson, sometimes I have country going, I have 80's stations going. I have XM in the car, so I have all these stations locked in. There are really no favorites.

Describe your happy place. Once again, I'd have to say the hockey rinks. Watching my kids play. And skating with old timers.

What’s your favorite thing about Relyco? I think it's just the general family-type attitude around here. Everyone knows everybody and gets along. Everyone is eager to help you.

If you could talk to your 16-year-old self, what advice would you give? Probably the same advice I gave my 16-year-old son about six years ago. It's just: take advantage of opportunities. If you want something, go and get it. Don't let it slip away.

Your house is on fire, what’s the one thing you grab? If I'm assuming that my kids and pets are already outside...there are a couple of really nice family portraits. I'd probably grab those. They are from back when the kids were just babies.

Where is/was your favorite place to visit while traveling? Probably California. I have a lot of relatives in the LA area and I really have a great time when I go see them.

What’s your favorite song to dance to? The Romantics - What I Like About You

If you could hang out with someone (living or deceased) for the day, who would you pick? Can I pick two? One would be my grandfather on my father's side. The other would be Ted Williams.

What’s considered your specialty at Relyco? I believe it would be working with the military because I was in it for six years. That's kind of my sweet spot there. I know the lingo and jargon they use and what they're going through with their purchasing process.

To contact Rob, send him an email at or connect with him on LinkedIn here. To contact Relyco, give us a call at 800-777-7359. You can also click here or on the button below.


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