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|Steph Oeser

Stationery Store Saves Time on Design with Unusual Marketing Piece


Ecru is a retail stationery store located in Portland, Maine. They focus on personalized wedding invitations, stationery, gifts and fine paper. Fred Montoya, Ecru’s owner, worked with Relyco’s creative team to produce a custom pressure seal marketing piece that revealed surprise deals to his potential customers at a trade show. The piece was a successful icebreaker and it enabled Fred to start conversations and gain leads.

So how did a “boring” pressure seal mailer become a trade show hit?

Fred wanted to do a creative piece for promotion at a trade show, but he didn’t have the time to design it himself and needed it quickly. Enter: Lyndsay Vachon, one of Relyco’s Account Representatives.

A unique spin on a traditional product

Lyndsay suggested that Fred work with our creative team to produce a flip-tab pressure seal mailer. (It’s worth noting that pressure seal mailers are not our flashiest products - some folks might even call them boring - so Lyndsay’s suggestion was pretty unconventional.) But she predicted that the peel-back tab would make opening that type of mailer a fun and different experience for trade show attendees. Spoiler alert: she was right!

Relyco’s creative team designed and printed the piece and Fred brought a basket of mailers to the show. The mailers were anything but boring; they were beautiful and the inside of each mailer revealed a discount percentage! There were three levels of discounts, which included a grand prize $1000 wedding suite with invitations printed in-house. According to Fred:

“The product was amazing at the show. Most people had drawings of some sort, but with me, it was different, it was instant. It created this atmosphere of anticipation and excitement every time someone approached my booth. I was very happy with it.”

Play the video above or click here to see the mailer and learn more about how and why Ecru used this marketing piece.

How did working with Relyco on this marketing piece benefit Ecru?

  • Fred’s time was freed up to prepare for the trade show - we took care of the promotional piece, from idea to finished printed product
  • A tight deadline was met on time and within budget
  • Ecru received more leads than expected by using the pressure seal mailer
If you find yourself in Fred’s position, where you need design help and/or you’re facing time constraints, consider utilizing Relyco’s design team. We can help you get the same results on your custom project. Reach out to us!

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