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Synthetic Paper Success: Durable, Personalized Planners by Under the Rainbow Media

Personalized Planners REVLAR story

Erika Quagliano is the owner and operator of Under the Rainbow Media, a manufacturer of personalized planners.

Quagliano currently uses REVLAR 7.7 mil 8 1/2x11 sheets to create customized tabs for all her products. Here's what she told us about how, and why, she uses REVLAR:

Erika Quagliano Planner

Available in a Variety of Colors

My planners and books are all handmade and completely custom, so an important part for me is to be able to offer my customers the ability to choose the color of their divider tabs.

Multi color tabs come standard, but customers can choose to upgrade to have any color they want to make their planner truly unique.

 Using REVLAR paper lets me offer this special option. Yes, it is more work to make all of my tabs in house, but it is so completely worth it and I love not having to sub out any part of my products.


Custom tab color

Durable for Frequent Handling

In my custom notebooks, I offer three tabs and colors of the customer’s choice, but what makes it even more special is that I make the divider tabs removable so you can move them all around your notebook as you see fit.

The durability of the REVLAR is phenomenal for this application. After I print, cut and hole punch the tabs I cut a tiny slit through each hole so that the tabs can be removable. Again, the REVLAR is so strong I can yank the tabs in and out of the notebook and they still look as gorgeous as when they were first made. (Thank you!)

Under the Rainbow Planner Shown with Custom Colored REVLAR Tabs

Compatible With Your Processes like Printer & Die Cut

I design all of the tabs in Photoshop and then have one of my three printers dedicated to solely print the tabs. I currently use the HP Color LaserJet Pro 476. The color and text prints beautifully on REVLAR.

After they are printed, I then use a die cut machine to cut the tabs one by one. Once they are cut, they are then punched and assembled into the planner or book.

Custom planner black tabs

Why Quagliano Chose REVLAR Over Other Synthetic Paper

I was working on a different project at the time and I was working with a local printer and was having my items printed on their polyester paper. I decided that it would be more cost effective and nice to have full control if I could do it all myself which led me to do a simple Google search which is when I found you and REVLAR.


 I had tried many different synthetic papers and nothing came close. I stick with REVLAR because of the gorgeous way it prints.


Under the Rainbow Custom Planner Shown with Removable REVLAR Tabs

It has to print perfect because this is a huge part of the product I am selling, so I need it to look 100% all of the time. Other reasons I love it are that I have never had any printing issues with it feeding into my printer, or die cut machine and hands down the durability is fantastic!

A huge thanks to Erika Quagliano for sharing your story! Have ideas about how you can use REVLAR? Shop our e-commerce store now.



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