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The Top 3 Advantages of Offering Vibrant Colored Waterproof Paper

colored waterproof paperWaterproof paper isn’t new—but it is better than ever. If you’re looking for new ways to serve your print shop customers, here are three reasons to consider offering brightly colored waterproof paper in addition to your white and pastel substrates.

1) Eliminate Full Flood Coating

How much toner would you use to get that solid background with consistent color and no banding? A lot!

One of the biggest advantages of using vibrant colored waterproof paper versus its white counterpart is eliminating the need to flood coat to achieve the colored background you desire for your application, keeping it absolutely consistent so that there is no visible unevenness in the color.

2) Dramatic Cost Savings

Using a bright colored sheet of a water and tear resistant product that can be printed through most laser/digital printers or presses will create a dramatic savings for you.

Colored waterproof paper eliminates the expense of lamination, helps you save on toner costs, and ultimately, contributes to your running a more efficient operation.

3) Printed Applications Will Get More Attention

Printing applications on vibrant color makes the messaging pop! Colors play a vital role in our lives, influencing our activities and responses to the world around us.

Help marketers get their messaging noticed by offering them more opportunities with vibrant colors.

Sample REVLAR Colors

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