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|Steph Oeser

The Top 3 Reasons Every Restaurant Should Serve a Waterproof Menu

Waterproof Menu Samples We've all been there. Before ordering at a restaurant, somebody passes the bread and knocks over a glass. It spills all over the menu, making a soggy mess. Or you absentmindedly place the syrup dispenser down on the specials menu and it leaves a sticky ring. Maybe the kids have lost their patience after the meal. They're running around and accidentally jostle the table - mom's coffee lands on the dessert menu. It happens. Restaurant menus receive some really rough treatment; the spills and frequent handling can take a toll on paper menus, even if they are laminated. A durable, waterproof menu makes all the difference.

1. A Waterproof Menu Holds Up Better

Waterproof paper is a synthetic material that withstands abuse without any breakdown; you can count on it to last in the long term. The material is tear-proof and extremely durable. Waterproof menus will hold up to all kinds of spills and chemicals. If the menus get dirtied, just wipe or wash them clean. It's as easy as that! You can even fully submerge the menu in liquid and it will be just fine, which is perfect for restaurants with outdoor seating. A passing rain shower (or intense downpour) won't automatically mean that you need to reprint your menus!

2. Save Time & Money

If you work in a restaurant environment, you're already busy enough. You don't need to be spending precious time and money replacing paper menus every time someone tips over a glass. Plus, with a waterproof menu, you don't need to deal with the hassle of lamination. Lamination is time-consuming, more expensive than waterproof paper and it can peel, bubble or crease, which allows moisture to penetrate and damage the finished piece. Laminated pieces also have a shorter lifespan. So why not begin with menus that are already waterproof and eliminate lamination - and its drawbacks - altogether?

3. Print In House & On Demand

The final reason to use a waterproof menu: you can print your own! With your dry toner laser printer, you can print as many (or as few) menus as you need. This is ideal if you have a temporary menu that changes often and you only want to print a limited amount, like for holiday specials or drink/draft menus. That menu will only be used for a matter of days or weeks, so it's important to be able to print your own as needed.

Of course, you can also print larger runs of your standard menu on your own printer. But if you'd prefer to send that job out to your local print shop, you might consider UV coating to give your waterproof menus additional protection. The synthetic material will hold up and maintain its integrity over time, but the toner on your menus may begin to flake off if you use harsh chemical cleaners or stack the menus when they are wet. UV coating seals in the toner so that the entire piece is protected. But remember, it's optional; you can still enjoy the benefits of waterproof menus with or without a UV coat.

Waterproof menu options are available in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors on our REVLAR waterproof paper. You can even opt for a pre-scored menu, if that fits your needs better. Click here or on the button below to learn more about waterproof menus with our free guide!

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