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Waterproof Menus and Other Print Needs for the Hospitality Industry

Durable Menus Hospitality Industry If you work in hospitality, you already know you have specific needs when it comes to printed materials. First and foremost, you need to create printed pieces that will showcase your brand, withstand frequent handling, and be impervious to grease, spills, and all kinds of weather.

One of the most common hospitality print needs is the ability to produce durable menus in-house so they can be updated as needed when items change. RELYCO offers two durable substrates that work exceedingly well for menus: REVLAR and TRIDURA, both are tear-resistant and both are available in small quantities.

Durable Paper for Indoor Menus

For indoor menus and placemats there is TRIDURA, a true paper product with a synthetic core. It is suitable for use any time printed materials are subject to frequent handling or short-term environmental conditions.

Available in a white matte finish in four, seven or nine mil weights, it has superior folding and image qualities and has the look and feel of paper.

Other TRIDURA Applications in the Hospitality Industry

TRIDURA also works well for folded notes in guest rooms, information sheets, and point-of-purchase displays. Its versatility makes it extremely well-suited for all sorts of printed applications in restaurants, hotels, convention centers, and tourist attractions.

At a fraction of the cost of other durable substrates, it has many of the same qualities as the even more durable REVLAR and can be printed on laser and digital equipment as well as inkjet printers.

Waterproof Menus for Outdoor Applications

For your outdoor products like poolside or patio menus, REVLAR will best suit your needs. It stands up to spills of all sorts, does not fade in the sunlight, and is extremely easy to print on your existing laser and digital equipment.

Available in a range of weights from 3.7 to 13.7 mil, it is available in white, pastels and vibrant colors.

Other REVLAR Applications in the Hospitality Industry

Fully tear and weather-proof, REVLAR is the most durable substrate on the market and totally negates the need for expensive and time-consuming lamination. In addition to outdoor menus, REVLAR can be used for visitor ID cards, gift shop merchandise tags, manuals, area maps, indoor and outdoor posters, parking passes and event programs, just to name a few of its applications.

With its wide range of weights, finishes and colors, it is perfect for creating eye-catching images that will make patrons and guests stop and take an extra moment to view.

REVLAR vs TRIDURA: Which Is Right for You?

Both durable substrates are effective and affordable options for printed materials to be used in the hospitality industry. The basic difference is the fact that REVLAR has a wider range of paper and color choices, and will withstand all kinds of environmental conditions. TRIDURA has the extra advantage of being printable on inkjet printers, is less expensive and folds more like paper.

To contact RELYCO to chat about your options, give us a call at 800.777.7359. You can also click here.

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