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Marine Researcher Rachel Zuercher On Creative Uses For REVLAR Waterproof Paper

REVLAR Waterproof Paper When we say that our REVLAR paper is waterproof, we mean it.

Our latest creative testimonial comes from Rachel Zuercher, a Ph.D. candidate in ecology and evolutionary biology with the University of California, Santa Cruz (go Banana Slugs!). Here's how she's utilizing REVLAR in the field, er, ocean for marine science surveys:

After testing many different brands and searching for underwater paper strong enough to withstand the day-to-day abuses of marine science and of high-enough quality to record data on, we finally found Relyco's REVLAR Waterproof Paper. My marine research group uses this paper while SCUBA diving to record information about fish, algae and marine invertebrates in the kelp forests of California. The paper never tears, our pencil records don't smear, and we're able to print data sheets using a Canon Super G3 scanner/printer. I highly recommend this paper to anyone working underwater!

REVLAR waterproof paper is engineered to hold up to a great deal of stress and immersion, including the salinity of the Pacific Ocean and curious marine life. Attached to a clipboard, it provides the perfect medium for scientists working in SCUBA gear to record their observations in and out of the water without needing to lug additional technology into the ocean with them. We love that our synthetic paper is finding use in a scientific context, particularly such a cool one.

This is just one of thousands of possible uses for REVLAR, albeit one of the cooler ones we've heard about, so don't forget to experiment. We've seen the paper used to craft menus, weatherproof signs, license plates, identification cards, and even wineproof glass tags for parties.

Contact us today to learn more about how our durable paper can work wonders for you.


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