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|Steph Oeser

What Our E-File Service Provides: Benefits & Security Features

In this three-part blog series about e-filing year-end tax forms, we've previously covered the main advantages of the service and walked you through the site. In this post, we’ll wrap up the series by diving into specific benefits and security features of our e-file system.

E-File Service ProvidesSystem features

  • Streamline billing by “batching” forms into a separate order for each recipient*
  • You can set up multiple payers**
  • If there is an error when uploading your file, the system will alert you
  • Payers & recipients are stored for use next year
  • You have full access to recipient forms for four years
  • You can access all reports 24/7
  • TIN verification is included
  • Reprinting of forms is possible - this is helpful if an employee misplaces their W-2 and needs a copy, for example
  • You will receive an instant IRS notification of receipt when you submit
  • We e-deliver or print & mail to your recipients from our secure print facility
  • Online and phone support is available
*Recipients - the employees who receive the forms
**Multiple payers - entities within a company that need to file individually

Worried about security?

Authorized IRS e-file provider
We are 100% compliant with IRS regulations

Data encryption
We use a 256-bit encryption (the same as bank-level security) and each file is encrypted throughout the process

SOC certification
Our facility has achieved SOC-II Certification from the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants

HIPAA compliance
Our facility complies with the latest HIPAA Security regulations

Final benefit recap & key takeaways about e-filing year-end forms

  • Removes the need to purchase paper forms
  • Reduces the manual labor that goes into printing year-end forms in-house, which frees up time for other projects
  • Removes the need to upgrade your system if certain forms change

We're here to help

Take a look at a more comprehensive list of advantages here. If you have any questions, please reach out to us at 800.777.7359.


*This blog post was originally published in December 2018, it was updated in November 2022.

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