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Why MICR Toner Is Critical for Check Security

MICR Toner Check SecurityAdopted by the American Bankers Association (ABA) in the late 1950’s, Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) was established as the standard for negotiable documents.

It provides machines with an accurate reading of checking accounts, can be printed using existing technology and remained readable even through over-stamping, marking, mutilation and more.

So What Makes MICR So Important?

MICR toner plays a major role in preventing check fraud. Deviations from the standard can make the check unreadable by the bank’s automated sorters. Additionally, strict adherence to the standards of the MICR ink and the position of the MICR line on a check document, help assure quality.

Using MICR, checks can be examined more closely for consideration of their validity. The closer scrutiny can help to detect fraudulent documents.

What Constitutes “Quality” MICR Toner?

Quality is determined by the density of the toner and the amount of magnetic particles in the mix.

Can You Use Generic Toner?

Most of the remanufactured or generic toners will work, but printer manufacturers will normally only admit responsibility for toner issues if their preferred brands are used in their equipment. Using remanufactured or generic toner can invalidate their stated responsibility for issues caused by the toner.

Where to Buy MICR Toner

Relyco offers MICR toner cartridges compatible with MICR laser printers from many leading vendors, including TROY, HP, IBM, ACOM, Xerox, Lexmark and Source Technologies.

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Check Fraud Prevention

By using quality check documents, proper toner and a secure printing environment, you can minimize the risk of your documents being counterfeited. The more you protect your banking information, the more security measures you put in place (including proper MICR toner), the better you will be protected against fraud.

While the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) recognized ABA’s standards in 1963, compliance is voluntary in the U.S. Still, the financial industry considers them to be the definitive measure of acceptable quality of a negotiable document. Relyco offers MICR toner cartridges guaranteed to comply with ANSI X9 standards for MICR printing.

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