Grocery Signage

We know you’re dealing with the most competitive and complex business environment the industry has possibly ever seen. This gets amplified in three important areas. The need to continuously improve the shopping experience. The pressure to reduce costs at every turn. And the need to maintain brand continuity through all messaging. Part of the answer may be in how you produce your in-store signage – a tool you can use to impact your customer experience.

Regular paper is out. Laminating is passé.

Signage created with regular paper may actually be damaging your reputation. It doesn’t always stand up to the rigors of daily use. And it degrades quickly, especially in the areas that mean the most, such as the produce, deli, meat, seafood and prepared foods sections. It’s a domino effect: a poor impression with signage can impact the shopper’s overall impression of your store.

Sign on paper with plastic protector & moisture problem

Sign on REVLAR

To some, laminated paper has been the answer, but they fail to consider that the cost of the equipment, supplies and labor may be stealing hard-earned money from the bottom line. Laminated paper isn’t always moisture proof either causing it to be replaced more often than expected.

Synthetic paper is in

Synthetic paper overcomes these issues. It’s durable, waterproof, tear-proof, fade-resistant, high and low temperature compatible, printable and recyclable. It helps you deliver a more upscale look at a lower overall cost than other options. It looks as good in the evening as it did first thing in the morning. It’s also washable and cleanable, making it hygienic and sanitary. 

REVLAR is the best synthetic paper

It’s a synthetic paper that has been optimized for – and proven in – grocery applications. It is easy-to-print and easy-to-maintain. And it can save you money over traditional options. These types of savings can add up within each of your stores and across your operation.

Not just for signage

It also offers you a better way to go beyond just communicating pricing information. It allows you to stretch your creativity with interesting, outside-the-box designs not possible with regular paper. In grocery stores, it is often used for projects such as loyalty cards, labels, tags, manuals, recipe cards and in-store menus. There are even FDA-compliant versions of REVLAR that can safely nestle in and amongst fresh food. It is also perfect when creating outdoor signage for seasonal displays and items.