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Soft & silky to the touch. All the same features as our other synthetic papers, but with a more pliable and cost-effective material.

  • Flexible & hand-foldable
  • Most writable synthetic option
  • More affordable and faster to produce than laminated materials
  • Cleanable and washable
  • Matte white finish
  • Made of polyolefin
  • Recyclable as a #7 plastic

REVLAR is perfect for wet, harsh and outdoor environments


REVLAR Soft's most obvious feature is its smooth feel, making it perfect for applications that demand something special or unique. Manuals, guides or menus produced with REVLAR Soft tend to start conversations and create distinctive experiences.

REVLAR Soft is a synthetic paper made from polyolefin, which is a unique plastic material that is just as durable as polyester and other plastics, but is more foldable and writable. This material is primarily compatible with production printers because of polyolefin's lower melting point.

Contact us for custom sizes and rolls.

  • How is REVLAR Soft used?

    • Folded menus
    • Event passes
    • Loyalty / reward cards
    • Bookmarks
    • Signage / posters / notices
    • Folded maps / charts
    • Parking tickets / passes
    • Manuals / guides / logs / forms
    • ID tags / cards
    • Keg collars / growler tags
REVLAR Soft Datasheet
REVLAR Print Settings
How to Clean REVLAR
Synthetic Paper Guide
REVLAR Comparison & FAQs
Printer Compatibility

Compatible with laser production printers, offset printers and flexo printers. (REVLAR Soft has a lower melting point than other synthetics, so remember to check print settings guidelines.) Call us for inkjet printer and HP Indigo compatible REVLAR.

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