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|Steph Oeser

How to Print Waterproof Menus on a Laser Printer

A Step by Step Guide

It’s easy to print your own menus on waterproof paper by using a laser printer, offset printer or flexo printer. The key is checking your printer’s settings and adjusting them to run a synthetic paper. Once you’ve done that, you’re good to go!



How easy is easy? Click play on our video above or watch it by clicking here. It’s 15 seconds long, which is a pretty good indicator that…you guessed it, it’s easy! Print waterproof menus on your own printer:

  1. Load the paper in any tray. We recommend fanning out the sheets just prior to placing them in the tray to reduce static electricity.

  2. Adjust your printer’s settings to use a synthetic paper setting, if possible. (More tips here and here).

  3. Hit the print button. You can even print double-sided and instruct your printer to do a fold, like we did!

  4. Grab them! You’re done.

Benefits of Printing In House

By printing your own waterproof menus, you can enjoy the perks of printing as many – or as few – menus as you need. This is especially great if you have a temporary menu that changes often and you only want to print a limited amount. Plus, this way, even your temporary menus can be durable! Of course, you can print larger runs of your standard menu too.

We have a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors available for waterproof menus on our REVLAR waterproof paper. You can also opt for a pre-scored menu, if that suits you better. Click here or on the button below to learn more about waterproof menus with our free guide!

New Call-to-action *This blog post was originally published on February 1, 2017, it was updated on August 23, 2018.

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