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Relyco Celebrates 30 Years of Success and Service

2019 marks our 30th year in business! Mike Steinberg officially opened Relyco on April 1, 1989, with the simple goal of providing people with paper products and the kind of customer service he would want to receive. That’s why the company is named Relyco, which means “the company you can rely on.” By building the family business on a foundation of providing exceptional customer service, Mike Steinberg set the tone for putting customers first.

Mike in First OfficeFrom humble beginnings

Mike in Relyco's first (tiny) office In 1989, Relyco was born in a small office barely big enough for two people. The company offered a handful of products, primarily focusing on B2B checking solutions. Mike Steinberg credits his family with helping to get the business off the ground:


“My family made real sacrifices in the beginning. We put everything into the business in the first couple of years. I spent a lot of time working and we didn’t take a vacation for the first five years. My family was incredibly supportive.”

To expansion and teamwork

Over the years, the hard work paid off and the team grew. With the support of a dedicated staff, the company became a leading specialty paper provider with over 30,000 customers, a large headquarters in Dover, New Hampshire and warehouses across the country. During this time, the company’s product lines were continuously diversified and grown to include synthetic waterproof paper, carbonless paper, pressure seal forms, ID & membership cards and more. This overall transformation was made possible by an enthusiastic team of employees who have made it their mission to go above and beyond for customers.

With all this growth, Relyco is still a family business at its core

Last year, Mike Steinberg was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from the University of New Hampshire’s Center for Family Business, which recognized the transfer of the business to the next generation. Mike’s son, Bruce Steinberg, serves as our current President. Bruce has his eye on the future:

“We are focused on keeping Relyco vibrant and cutting-edge. Currently, we’re cementing our footprint within the grocery, food & beverage and manufacturing markets while growing our eCommerce offerings. Our goal is to be the leader in the B2B world of print and we’re going to keep reinventing ourselves in this ever-changing world to make that happen. I know that teamwork is going to get us there. It has always been and will always be the most important driver for our business.”

As Relyco looks to the next thirty years, Mike Steinberg’s original mission for the business still stands: to be the company that people can rely on. That theme carries through to all aspects of the business, from how Relyco’s paper experts interact with their customers, to the company’s commitment to regularly giving back to their New Hampshire Seacoast community.

For more information on Relyco, explore our website, call 800.777.7359 or email

Relyco Celebrates 30 Years of Success and Service

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